Grant School News

Grant School News
Grant School Families,

Congratulations Mrs. Colucci!

Grant School Vice Principal, Mrs. Colucci has been named Franklin School Principal. She will be assuming the position effective February 11th. I would like to thank Mrs. Colucci for her hard work and dedication to Grant School. We will miss her greatly.  I will provide you an update once a new Grant School Vice Principal is hired. 

Grant School Panda Express Dine Out Friday, January 28th (4:00-10:00 pm)

Marking Period 2

The second marking period ends on January 24th. Report cards will be posted in Genesis on February 4th. Students will all receive a hard copy schedule in homeroom indicating their new special area class for the marking period next week. 

Grant School Academic Support Programs & Homework Club

Grant School currently has some open spots in these programs. If you are interested in your child being considered for an after school program(s), please take the survey.

Character Education

I would like to once again commend the Grant School staff and students on their work this year in our Character Education Program.

Last week students discussed and learned about "Fairness" in Social Studies classes. Below is a character education bulletin board in which students shared what fairness means to them.

This week in Science the focus was "Caring". Sixth grade students were given a chart for next week to list examples of how they were caring each day. Thank you to sixth grader Jianny Duran for making Mr. Sarullo a "Caring Snowflake". 

Grant School Calendar

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Sarullo, Grant School Principal


Face Masks

Face masks are still required to be worn in all school buildings with the exception of during high intensity physical activity and while eating and drinking.

Heroes & Cool Kids Visit (Video made by SPHS Tiger TV):

Backpacks for Vets:  (please donate):

-When the weather cooperates students will eat lunch and have recess outside. On inclement days, students will eat in the cafeteria. If your child does not want to sit at a table, the child may bring a towel and eat in the back of the gym, on the towel, if they wish. The gym is not big enough to accommodate recess for every student during lunch. The lunch room advisors will rotate which students go to the back of the gym for recess and which students play board games at the tables. If you have any questions, please contact me ( Students are allowed to change lunch tables up until Friday, September 17th. After that date, the student will be in that assigned seat for lunch, unless they choose to sit in the back with a towel. If your child is having trouble finding a friend in lunch please email Mrs. Horn, Guidance Counselor, . Grant School can help with this!

-Please note that Mrs. Revollar (DeValle), School Nurse, has spoken with the cafeteria staff regarding allergies. It was explained to your student that there is a peanut-free table. But students with peanut allergies do not have to sit there if they do not want to. Everyone knows that there are no peanuts allowed at that table. They may choose to sit there if they wish. 

-Please note that the school nurse trained all students the first day of school on how to wear a mask, how to properly cover when sneezing and coughing, how to wash hands properly, and all COVID-19 precautions. The guidance department trained all students on our HIB policy, the availability of the Safe Room & Calming Room, & the Social Emotional Support that is available here at Grant School. 

-Please be advised that Grant School Drop-Off is 7:30-7:45 am. An issue that is occurring is that parents/guardians are starting to form a line at 7:15 am and are waiting with their child in the car until 7:30 am. It is blocking up the staff parking lot and 6th grade drop off area. Please be advised that there is no supervision before 7:30 am. On the occasion that your child arrives earlier than that, please advise them to wait outside the entrance. Traffic did lighten up at 7:40 am today. We know everyone is in a rush in the morning, but please be safe and follow the traffic patterns. 

-Grant School Clubs are starting up. Please see this link for all information:

-Students are to bring a charged chromebook with the charger, a water bottle, towel, and any supplies everyday. Lunch is free for all students this year, but students may bring their own lunch if they wish. If your child would like breakfast, they are to report to homeroom first and notify the homeroom teacher. They will then go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. Students must wear a plain colored mask. The school will issue a plain green mask to any student that needs one. Please have your child see the administrator at the door if they need a mask. 

-Please see the videos included in this email for drop-off procedures. Please do not deviate from the traffic pattern because of the rain and do not drop-off in the bus lane, even if buses are not there. It is very important that you review the Grant School Orientation slideshow included in this email. If you have medication to drop off to the school nurse, please try to come after 8 am in the morning, if possible. 

-Grant School hours are 7:30 am - 2:10 pm. Please do not drop off your child anytime before 7:30 am. Homeroom is 7:30 am - 7:45 am. Students that are not in homeroom by 7:45 am are marked tardy. At 7:46 the doors are closed and tardy students need to ring the bell at the main entrance. You need to arrange a pick up location with your child for the end of school. The parking lot by the baseball fields fills up quickly, so please arrive a little early if you would like to get a spot. Students are permitted to walk home. Some parents arrange to pick up their child around the corner. Students are only to cross the road by the crossing guard. Please reinforce this with your child. 


Drop off for 5th Grade Homerooms and 6th Grade Math Homerooms Video. Enter through Main Entrance staring our Custodian Mr. D:

Drop off for 6th Grade Homeroom Students Video. Enter through Exit 7:


-All students will need their school issued chromebook (charged), chromebook charger, and water bottle for school this year. Students are to take the device home each night. All other electronic devices are to be turned off and stored in a locker. Students may not use their own computer at Grant School. It is encouraged that they also bring a towel, as we will have the students outside as much as possible. They may wish to sit on a towel instead of the pavement or grass. 

-Students may bring lunch but lunch from the cafeteria is free for all students. 

-Students will be permitted to use their backpacks during the school day to start the year. Usually, backpacks need to be stored in the lockers. But with the transition back to school, we will allow this for the time being. 

-Grant School students have physical education everyday unless they are assigned to health for the marking period, so they need to have sneakers. Students at Grant School do not change for physical education classes. 

-Please be sure to review the Grant School Orientation presentation below. It explains the drop-off procedure. Homeroom is now 7:30-7:45 am. The doors open at 7:30 am. No students should be dropped off before this time. Students need to be in homeroom before 7:45 am to not be marked tardy. The school day ends at 2:10 pm. 

-Lunch will be free for all students. Your child may bring their own lunch if they wish. Students will be eating outside as much as possible this year. You may send your child to school with a towel each day, if they would like to use it for sitting. 


Mr. Sarullo, Grant School Principal 
908-754-4620 x3610

Mrs. Colucci, Grant School Vice Principal
908-754-4620 x3611 


Welcome to Grant School Orientation:

Spanish Version:

 -Grant School Supply Lists:

Dear Parents/Guardians,


If your child has medication in school this year, please make arrangements for it to be picked up no later than the last day of school.  Medication left at school after 1:00pm on Friday, June 18, 2021, will be discarded.  This includes both prescription and over the counter medications. 


District forms for medication administration in school for the 2021-2022 school year are available on the district’s website. They may be accessed by the following link:


If your child requires medication to be given during school hours next school year, please print the appropriate forms, have your child’s physician complete them, and bring the physician forms, the parent authorization form, and the medication by the first day of school in September.  Please note: all medication must be labeled with your child’s name, and medication cannot be sent to or from school with the student.


New forms and physician orders must be submitted each school year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school nurse:

Tina Revollar, School Nurse

Phone: (908) 754-4620 x3620

Confidential Fax: (908) 777-7803 


----------  ----------
-Letter from Grant School Nurse to 5th grade parents/guardians:
Scoliosis Screening.pdf

-Immunization Letter for 5th grade students that will be 6th grade students next school year:
6th grade immunizations.pdf
6th Grade Immunizations (Spanish).pdf



Grant School Guidance: 
-Please have your child check the Guidance classroom daily for tips and strategies regarding virtual learning, social-emotional learning, and self-care during these unprecedented times. Guidance is here to help support your child emotionally and academically. 

Grant School Resources:

-Grant School Virtual Learning Expectations:

-Grant School Guide to Google Classroom & Organization: 

-How to use school email:
-Wearing a backpack properly: Wearing a Pack Elementary[3].docx


Grant School Clubs:

Academic Bowl

Advisor: Rebecca Gross,
When: Tuesdays 2:20-3:15 pm

Academic Bowl is a club that allows the students to challenge themselves in the academic subjects, along with current events and pop culture. The format is similar to quiz bowl. Students work in teams to answer a series of questions, covering various subjects. 

For those interested in joining, a sign-up form and permission slip can be found on the google classroom. The classroom code is 2fsab75, the google meet code will only be up when the club meets.

  • Information Meeting: September 28th 2:20- 2:30pm
  • Room: 10

Buddies Against Bullying

Advisor: Mrs. Horn,
When: Last Tuesday of the month 2:20-3:00 pm

Buddies Against Bullying will talk about ways to be an up-stander, brainstorm ideas to contribute to a positive school climate, and do activities to strengthen our school community. The

  • Information Meeting: September 28th (2:20 pm - 3:15 pm)
  • Room: Library

Chess Club

Advisor: Mr. Orfan,
When: Mondays 2:20-3:15 pm

Chess brings students together in a competitive and friendly social setting.  The Chess club encourages the students to help each other learn how to play the game. Chess fosters creativity and self-esteem. Chess also exercises the brain by promoting problem-solving and critical thinking skills.  The students enjoy this interesting and unique game. 

  • Information Meeting: September 20th (2:20 pm - 2:45 pm)
  • Room: 73

Literary Magazine Club

Advisor: Miss Eppes,
When: Mondays 2:20-3:15 pm

Welcome to Grant School’s Literary Magazine Club! This club will provide students at Grant School the opportunity to showcase their creative writing stories, poems, illustrations, and other types of literary work to the entire school community. Please see below for important club information.

  • Information Meeting: September 20th (2:20 pm - 2:30 pm)
  • Room: 69

Multicultural Club

Advisor: Mrs. Arriola,
When: Second Tuesday of each month, 2:20-3:00 pm

The goal of Grant School Multicultural Club is to educate students & staff members and increase cultural awareness. At every meeting, students will have the opportunity to learn about different cultures, as well as teach others about their own customs and culture. The club will promote awareness and appreciation for all cultures and ethnicities.

  • Information Meeting: Tuesday,October 12th (2:20 pm - 2:40 pm)
  • Room: 31

Newspaper Club

Advisor: Mrs. Bennett,
When: Tuesdays, 2:20-3:15 pm

In the Grant School Newspaper Club, students report on the latest news that is interesting and relevant to their age group! Writers contribute their research and ideas to a variety of sections to make the "Grant Gazette" a must-read for all fifth and sixth graders: School News, Community News, Entertainment News, Fashion Trends, Sports, Issue Overviews, Recipes, Horoscopes, "Teacher Feature," Puzzles, and Comic Strips. Look for the latest edition of the Grant Gazette to be posted on the school website shortly! The club generally meets on Tuesdays.

  • Information Meeting: September 14th, 2:20-2:30 pm
  • Room: 6

Peers Leaders

Advisor: Mrs. Strayhorn,
When: Last Tuesday of each month, 2:20-3:15 pm

Peer leaders are nominated and will be contacted by Mrs. Strayhorn.

  • Information Meeting: 
  • Room: Library

Student Council

Advisor: Mrs. Oller,
Advisor: Mrs. Merkler,
(Information will be provided to all students regarding elections.)
Student Council will meet every second and fourth Monday of the month from 2:20-3:15. Additional days per month may be added.

Student Council is an organization that allows students to contribute to the Grant School community, as well as the South Plainfield community. Students work together collaboratively to plan school events, complete projects, and help others.  

Student Council focuses on building citizenship within our school and community. We also do activities to build character in other areas, including respect, fairness, responsibility, trustworthiness, and caring. Projects are intended to focus on these pillars of character.  Examples of these projects are the “Giving Tree”, writing letters to soldiers, Food Drives, and other activities related to community service.


  • Information Meeting: September 20th 2:20-3:15pm
  • Room: 71

Drama Club

Advisors: Ms. Eichert,

Mrs. Stasio,

Ms. Gorman,

Ms. Maddolin,

This club welcomes all students interested in theater dramatic arts and theatre production. Members improve their craft by participating in theater games, improvisations, performing dramatic scenes and monologues or learning the behind the scenes of how to make a performance come to life with set, costumes/props, and technology. The club generally starts in January and will meet several times a week

  • Information Meeting: Announcements will be made in January
  • Room: Gym

Ski Club

Advisor: Mr. Phillips,
Information will be sent out regarding this club.

-Please be sure you are sign up for School Messenger emails through Genesis Parent Portal


Contact: Mr. Sarullo, Principal-  (908) 754-4620 ext. 3610

Mrs. Colucci, Vice Principal- (908) 754-4620 ext. 3611

Mrs. Mercier, Secretary- (908) 754-4620 ext. 3601

Mrs. Ranger, Secretary (Attendance)  (908) 754-4620 ext. 3602

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